Welcome!  I'm Sarah Chambers Hollerman, the "one" of onehump designs. Shortly after graduating with a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Auburn University, I created onehump designs as a brand for my printed and handmade work.

I grew up with my Mom taking me to art classes and my Dad bringing me scrap paper from the office to doodle on. From the age of two, I put my artwork on cards for my parents and grandparents, and when I was seven I began using Sarah Art as my logo on the back of my cards. It wasn't until mid-way through architecture school, while teaching myself the Adobe Creative Suite for project presentations, that I became strongly interested in graphic design.  Most of my completed work is personal or school-related, but I also do projects for friends when opportunities present themselves.

In this blog, I share design-related ideas, inspiration, events, occasional do-it-yourself advice, and my recent projects.

If you would like to see more of my work, you can view some samples of print, mixed media, photography, and architecture projects.