Friday, July 1, 2011


This is my most recent artistic musing, although it began two summers ago during the month I spent at home in between a study-abroad semester in Istanbul and a month visiting friends in Europe. The piece is a recreation of a scene from one of my favorite French movies (and overall favorites), Ponette. The film is about a young girl coping with her mother's recent death in a car accident. The actress who plays Ponette, Victoire Thivisol, is magnificent at only three years of age. I used to watch this movie all the time with my mom when I was little.

In my mockup, between the silhouettes of Ponette and her father, I staggered the words they exchange between each other in this scene. Ponette's father has just told her that her mother is dead, and he asks her if she understands what that means. Ponette responds from her three-year-old imagination that her mother is flying with her magic mirror. I am still trying decide if I want to add these words onto my final piece or not. Thoughts?

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